Marc Wilmots to have talks with Yaya Toure

The new man in charge of the Elephants’ squad Marc Wilmots says that he would try and have a conversation with Yaya Toure and request him to give some more years to the national team.

Wilmots opines that at the highest level of the game, experience plays a massive role and Toure has got it more than anybody else as far as Ivorian Football is concerned. And not only the experience, but, his form in the past weeks has been second to none either.

As per Wilmots, he has watched the previous couple of outings of Toure in the top flight in England and he has looked class apart. He has been strong and at his best in a holding role in the centre of the pitch for the Sky Blues. He is still in a position to offer a lot to any team in the world and it will be great if he agrees to come back and serve his nation again because he is needed at this point of time.

Wilmots is someone who has been a Europe based coach and hasn’t been in a coaching role for an African team so far. This is his first stint of coaching in Africa and he admits that he doesn’t have a lot of idea about Cote D’Ivoire as a nation.

But, because he has followed the Ivorian national team and has seen them play, he doesn’t lack information on that front. He is a big admirer of the team and that is the reason when he was approached for the role, he wasn’t reluctant at all to accept it.

Wilmots believes there are many emerging talents in the current lot of Ivorian Footballers. It’s probably one of the most talented lots they have had for a long time.

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