Ivory Coast allowed to play

Nations across West Africa have been hit with Ebola as the death toll continues to rise and it’s already reaching 2,700 with more and more people getting infected and even American doctors that went out to the infected places in order to give a helping hand but after making their return to United States have also been contaminated and have had to be quarantined.

Despite this non-stop spread of Ebola, it did not stop The Ivory Coast government on allowing their squad to perform an Africa Cup of Nations against Sierra Leone from playing their match.

Sierra Leone is one of the nations that has been most affected by the Ebola outbreak and it even was locked down for a few days in order to stop the infected locations and people from spreading it even more.

The match between Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone was originally believed that it was going to be suspended for an undetermined period of time but a statement from the Ivory Coast Football Federation allowed the team on playing the scheduled match.

“The National Security Council authorizes the holding of the Ivory Coast against Sierra Leone match.” It added that the decision was taken after the Sierra Leone federation had given a guarantee that no member of its delegation had been in a country affected by the Ebola virus for the 21 days before the match.

Ivory Coast is one of the nations that has made a series of bans and suspensions with hopes of keeping Ebola out of their territory and the country was even banned from hosting matches but the Confederation of African Football (CAF) announced that these series of suspensions could risk the nation in being thrown out of the tournament if they refused to play.

The match was played on September 6 and Ivory Coast came out on top with the 2-1 triumph but 4 days later suffered a huge blow against Cameroon as they lost 4-1.

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