Drogba not moving to Villa

There were rumors that former Ivory Coast international Didier Drogba was in Birmingham in order to finalize a move to Aston Villa.

There have been plenty of reports on social media that Didier Drogba has landed in England and is currently looking to make his return in the English league. Various posts across social media have reported that they have personally seen Drogba in English airport.

The rumors have gained ground further when Aston Villa chairman has stated that they are looking to sign a world-class striker in the transfer window. Many fans made the link with Didier Drogba, and this has sparked a flurry of posts on social media.

The rumors gained so much popularity that Didier Drogba had to deny them personally on his personal Twitter account. He said that he just came out of training with MLS side Montreal Impact and that he is amazed that there have been reports that he was in Birmingham. He said that at the moment he is still a Montreal Impact player and that there are no talks about him returning to England at the moment.

The former Ivory Coast international has had a successful career in England while playing for Chelsea. He managed to score 164 goals for a total of 381 appearances. He enjoys quite a good reputation in England, and it is easy to understand why there has been such an excitement on social media when there have been rumors that he was going to move to Aston Villa.

Aston Villa chairman said that he has laughed at the rumors and stated that there is no way that his team is going to sign Drogba. He admitted that the former Ivory Coast player is a good player but that he does not form part of his team’s plans.

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